VEHO-800 Large Direct Drive 3D Printer 800*800*800mm


VEHO-800 Large Direct Drive 3D Printer 800*800*800mm

New types VEHO-800 Series production time  10-15 days around.

New types VEHO-1000 Series production time  30-40 days around.

Ship by sea then door to door (30-40 days around shipping time, EU 40-50days around.)

Ship by air need 7-15 days around (tax inclued channel).

By Sea shipping freight charge is USD100.

By Air shipping freight charge is USD500.

VEHO-800/1000 series all have 2E series.

If you want ship by other way or any other inquiry please send email to for inquiry.

VEHO-800(VEHO-800-2E) Package details:

Package 1: 32.6kg / 114*31*27cm
Package 2: 41.5kg / 95*92*26cm

Gross Weight: 75KG

PEI plate + Magnetic sticker (Optional)

PVC sticker (Optional)

2 kinds of heated bed plate stickers are optional,can be ordered and delivered together with the 3d printers if you need them.

Advantages of VEHO 800:
1. Metal OSG 15 rails XYZ axis and aluminum frame
2. Silicone heating bed + 8mm tempered glass panel + Insulation cotton
    Optional: PEI magnetic sticker, three-layer efficient platform
3. Imported mute drive chip TMC2209, motherboard STM32F4
4. Direct extrusion head stable heat and fast extrusion filaments
5. Dual Z axis limited Switches helps leveling more accuracy
6. Filament detection and resume print functions available
7. 8-languages system easy switching
8. Mutiple connection support USB, TF card and Type-B sloct
9. 3.5 inch colorful touch screen
10. PEI platform printing is not warped and easy mold taking
11. Large hand-tightening nut makes leveling process more convenient
12. No operation lock screen, click to wake up easily

Products Description

Optional: PEI magnetic sticker, three-layer efficient platform

Efficient platform800W 110/220V Silicone heating bed, 8mm high temperature resistant tempered glass best heating transfer with PEI magnetic sticker easy mold taking, three-layer efficient heatbed

Direct Drive Extrusion

The filament is directly heated and fully melted, supporting a variety of consumables.

Double Overheat Protection

Temperature control system is equipped with temperature control fused and double heat protection to effectively prevent accident.



Full colorful touch screen, easy operate, system has 8 different language, easy switching.


Multiple connection

VEHO-800 supports TF card, USB and type-B three ways connection.


PEI magnetic sticker

 After cultivation, the stems, veins, and unwanted particles are removed, leaving only the purest flesh of the leaves. The leaves are now called Tencha.


Auto leveling

TR SENSOR is applicable to all non transparent platforms and 25 detection points to make leveling more accurate.


Filament run-out detection

When detected that the filament are exhausted or disconnected, an alarm sound would be given in time and stop printing.


Resume print function

When power failure during printing, the system would be save the printing process, later can continue the current prints.

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A cool gift!

Jean-Pierre P.





I love this frame!

Paul G.


Great printer, very easy to put together, it's really sturdy. Really looking forward to using the full bed. Print quality is incredible for a printer this size! It's printing better than my smaller printers. I gotta' say I'm blown away by this printer and am happy with it.