New Upgrade Tronxy VEHO-600 PRO V2 3D Printer

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New Upgrade Tronxy VEHO-600 PRO V2 3D Printer

New Upgrade VEHO-600 PRO V2 High Temp Hotend Direct Drive Extrusion 3D Printer Large Print Size 600*600*600mm

  • Using the Klipper system
  • Can be remotely contronlled
  • Ceramic  heating printing head
  • 3D touch leveling induction
  • 320℃ high temperature end direct injection extrusion printer
  • Silicone heating bed + tempered glass panel
  • Dual drive extruder for proximal extrusion
  • LED  strip lighting
  • Corexy printing structure
  • All-metal OSG external dual-axis metal guide rails for X-axis, Y-axis,and Z-axis.
  • X/Y axis adopts 42 stepper high-speed motor
  • Large fixed foot cups and reinforced cross braces


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