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Tronxy Clay & Ceramic 3D Printer -- Morre 2 Pro

New upgraded With Feeding system electric putter

TRONXY X5SA 400 PRO NEW 3D Printer DIY Kit

X5SA 400 PRO NEW Industrial Grade High Precision 3D Printer with TR Sensor Auto Leveling + Lattice Glass Plate,Large Size 400 * 400 *400mm.

DIY assembly kits, providing complete parts and tools. The paper manual, SD card with an electronic version of the instructions and a link to the installation video. Assemble and debug by yourself, enjoy the fun of DIY assembly, possible to achieve unlimited innovation and transformation of appearance and performance, so as to meet your ideas and creativity.

This process takes some time to install, debug and learn, which is quite challenging for novices, more recommended for experienced user.

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Tronxy 3D Printer Tronxy New Version X5SA PRO with TR Sensor Auto Leveling + Lattice Glass Plate

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Marvelous Easy to Use Printer

This is my second TRONXY 3d printer and I am a huge supporter of their quality and user experience.

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