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Moore X4060

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VEHO-600 Large Direct Drive 3D Printer 600*600*600mm

VEHO-600 Large Direct Drive 3D Printer 600*600*600mm New Comprehensive Upgrade

●Super large buiding size 600mm*600mm*600mm

●Upgrade to the silicone heated bed

●20 PIN integrated cable Tidy Printer head

●Large Fixed foot cup & Reinforce cross braces

●PEI Removal Spring Steel Plate 600mm*600mm

●Automatic left and right leveling function Newly in firmware

●Dual-axis OSG guide railway 

●Proximal feeding BMG extruder for Flexible Filaments

●Auto-Leveling TR black sensor

●9pcs of Big Hand Nut Easy to Leveling

●Direct drive 3D Printer

●Stable 30R Extrusion profile frame structure

●Eight languages Touch Screen & USB connection

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Marvelous Easy to Use Printer

This is my second TRONXY 3d printer and I am a huge supporter of their quality and user experience.