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TRONXY XY-2 Pro-2E Titan 2-IN-1-OUT 3D Printer 255*255*245mm


Tronxy Prusa I3 FDM-Dual Color 3D Printer 2-IN-1-OUT 3D Printer DIY Kit XY-2 PRO-2E Titan
Fast Assembly Quick Installation Auto Leveling Continuation Print Power Filament Sensor Full Color Touch Screen 255mmX255mmX245mm

  • 【2-In-1-Out】
  • 【PEI Sheet Build Plate Magnetic Base Hot Bed Sticker】
  • 【Two Filament Entrances】
  • 【Fast assembly】
  • 【Rapid heating】
  • 【Aluminum frame】
  • 【3.5 inch touch screen】
  • 【Single cable design】
  • 【Wearble pulley】
  • 【Double fans extruder head】
  • 【Auto leveling】
  • 【Adjustment nuts】,
  • 【Filament run-out detection】
  • 【Resume print after power-off】,
  • 【It is a DIY assembly machine. It is more suitable for some enthusiasts with 3D printing experience to buy. Of course, if you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner who is willing to spend a lot of time to assemble and learn 3D printing, you can also choose to buy】