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Tronxy Moore X4060 Large Format Ceramic & Clay 3d printer 400mm*400mm*600mm

$4,999.00 $7,999.00

Tronxy Large Format Ceramic & Clay 3D Printer 

Model: MOORE X4060

1. Building Size: 400mm*400mm*600mm

2. LDM Exruder

3. Materials: Clay,Ceramics slurry, Red Porcelain and various liquid flowing materials

4. Feeding mode: Air Compressor(Below X3350 types can configue feeding system)

5. Exclusive OSG Dual Core Guide Rail

6. 7-inch Large Touch Screen

7. USB connection and Eight Language

8. High speed clay 3d printing

9. 5L large capacity barrel

10. New upgrade printer head No clogging and easy to clean

11. New robust architecture design

12. Built-in Thermostatic System