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T12 Ball screw 680mm C7 12mm dia VEHO-600 3d printer ballscrew upgrade kit

$95.99 $159.99

T12 Ball screw 680mm C7 12mm dia ballscrew upgrade kit for VEHO-600 3d printer

Model No.: VHT12680

Product Name: Ball Screw

Color: Silver;

Material: Metal;

Diameter: 12mm;

Length: 680MM; 

Package Content: 2 x Ballscrew Rod; 2 x Y axis beams; 2  x Srews bags

Suitable models: VEHO-600 


Important notes: 

All ball screw kits are assembled in a complete set before leaving the factory, please do not disassemble the ball bearing and screw rod assembly by yourself. If you cannot restore it, you are responsible for it yourself.