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Tronxy D type synchronous wheel Suitable for XY-2-PRO/X5SA/X5SA-PRO/X5SA-400/X5SA-500-2E

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Tronxy D-type pulley plastic wheel with bearings 3D Printer Parts Wheels POM Plastic Pulleys Ball Bearings 625ZZ Use For 2020 V-slot Aluminum Profiles Bearing Pulley 5pcs


Suitable for Tronxy 3d printer types:


Product Specification

Material: POM/Delrin
Color: Black Outer
Diameter: 24mm
Inner diameter: 5mm
Height: 10.4mm

Utilized Location

Suitable for 3D Printer: XY-2 PRO XY-2 PRO with Titan X5SA X5SA PRO X5SA-2E X5SA-400 X5SA-400 PRO X5SA-400-2E X5SA-500 X5SA-500 PRO X5SA-500-2E

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