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TRONXY Glow in The Dark PLA, Glow in The Dark Filament Multicolor, Green, Purple and Red,3D Filament Bundle,1.75 PLA Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm,for Most 3D Printers 250g*4 Pack



Color: White Glow


  • 【Glow in the Dark】Tronxy 3d printer filament glow in the dark transparent during the day,glow in the Dark.Tronxy pla filament contains glowpowders that glow in the dark after absorbing light energy.The light energy is absorbed for 15 minutes and then the filament produces a magic glowing effect. To protect the filament from the effects of use, we recommend that it is exposed to light sources for no more than 2 hours
  • 【Excellent Quality】4 x 250G 3d printer filament pla glow with diameter of 1.75 mm .Multicolor bundle byGradient,Green,Purple and Red. PLA filament 1.75mm bundle has high precision, no bubbles, no clogging, no smell, glow in the dark pla filament 1.75 has high toughness and high compatibility, compatible with most FDM 3D printers
  • 【Recommended Printing Settings】Glow pla printing temperature: 190 ~ 220 ° C, pla filament pack printing speed of merged: 45-50mm/s, 3D printer hot bed: 60 ~ 65 ° C. Nozzle: ≥ 0.4mm
  • 【Applications】 3d printing filament light wires can be made in printed materials that are glowing at night, which is very suitable for party, Thanksgiving and Christmas printing decorations
  • 【Special Instructions on PLA Luminous Brightness!!!】Due to process reasons, if too much phosphor is placed, it will affect the toughness and smoothness of the product itself. At present, the brightness and toughness of this luminous PLA are relatively appropriate after comprehensive blending. In order to ensure the process and advantages of PLA, the brightness and durability of this luminous PLA will not be too high. If you are looking for very durable or very bright glow, we recommend that you do not buy this filament.
  • 【Tips for Glow in the Dark Filament 1.75mm 】Our 3d printer filament bundle were dry vacuum before leaving the factory, and there were desiccants, so we could to a large extent to avoid moisture. Please use it with confidence. However, due to the different climate of each place and the degree of humidity in the air, if the filaments you get have a sticky feel or printed stringing, it is recommended to dry it with a filaments dryer for 2 hours (50 degrees drying temperature) Then print it again to avoid stringing and help to print smoothly.
  • 【After -sales】If you have any product quality problems, please contact us at any time, except for holidays,we will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Binding: Office Product

model number: PLA250g×4

Part Number: PLA250g×4

Details: Tips: 1, Please make 3D printer filament is to be stored in a sealed bag or box after each print to prevent moisture. 2, Be sure to insert the free end of the PLA+ filament into the holes to avoid being tangled for next time use. 3, If there is no print plan within a few days, retract the filament to protect the printer nozzle.

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches