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Titan Extruder for MK8 E3D V6 Hotend J-head with Motor Cable

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Tronxy Titan Extruder 3D Printer Parts For MK8 E3D V6 Hotend J-head Bowden Mounting Bracket 1.75mm Filament with motor and cable

Titan extruder advantages:

1. Feeding torque is large.

2. Product is compact and light.

3. Support remote and short-distance feeding.

4. Strong compatibility (can used with all the filaments of 1.75mm in the market, and mainly optimized the performance of the remote printing with the flexible filament such as the TPU.

5. Using with the high-strength engineering materials injection molding products that resistant to aging.

6. For the gear reducer structure, the motor is lightweight and little, but with outstanding torque and resolution. The feeding speed is more stable to improve the print quality and effectively reduce the overall weight.