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3D Printer Parts Z-axis GT2 timing belt pulley kit 24/20 Teeth synchronous Wheel 1068/1210/1440mm Belt X5SA/X5SA PRO/-2E 400/500

$16.64 $52.00

Z axis synchronous wheel+belt

The Z-axis is driven synchronously, rising synchronously, balancing the left and right Z-axis, making the accuracy of the X5SA series 3D printer's printing more accurate and making the Z-axis motor more powerful.


Product specifications:

24-tooth synchronous wheel*2PCS and 1068mm belt Suitable for TRONXY X5SA/X5SA PRO/X5SA-2E 3D PRINTER

24-tooth synchronous wheel*2PCS and 1210mm belt Suitable for TRONXY X5SA-400/X5SA -400PRO/X5SA-400-2E 3D PRINTER

20-tooth synchronous wheel*2PCS and 1440mm belt Suitable for TRONXY X5SA-500/X5SA -500PRO/X5SA-500-2E 3D PRINTER

Product specifications: