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<transcy>Tronxy X5SA-500-2E Stampante 3D a doppio estrusore 2-In-1-Out di grandi dimensioni</transcy>

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Stampante 3D Tronxy X5SA-500-2E Kit fai-da-te per stampante 3D touch screen a colori con cornice 2 in 1 di grandi dimensioni con livellamento automatico e ripristino dell'interruzione di corrente


Tronxy 2E Sereis Mix-Color 3D Printer with Dual Extruder are the original FDM-Dual Color 3D Printer by Tronxy.
X5SA-500-2E have double-injection and one-out nozzle design. Two filaments, two extruders, one nozzle.
Large Build Volume: With a build volume measuring
500 mm x 500 mm x600 mm, you can build large projects with more ease.
The benefits of dual extruder 3D printers are obvious. You can print two-color objects without pausing and swapping out the loaded filament in mid-print.
You can also print elaborate 3D models  in other words, the complex ones that require support materials. 

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Super Large Build Volume for Dual Color Printing: With a build volume measuring
500 mm x 500 mm x600 mm,
you can build large projects with more ease.

X5SA-500-2E Large 3d priner with Dual Extruder

2-in-1-out Dual Extrusion.
Two filaments, two extruders, one nozzle. 

Double-injection and one-out nozzle design. 

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Large size 600*600*600mm
VEHO-600-2E Dual color 3d printer

Double limit synchronous left and right balance, 
no need to recalibrate the platform, 
just level it once.

Double Limit Switch Z axis 

Double Titan Extuder

Support dual color printing for flexible filaments.

Filament Run Out Detection

Timely remind users to replace filaments to prevent accidents

Resume print after power off

  • Resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage.
  • After the power is turned on, the operation interface can continue to print to avoid the waste of time and filament caused by unexpectedly stopping printing.


TF CARD SLOT Data can be imported via TF card which is more stable and reduces interference. USB SLOT Connect 3D printer to computer via USB cable.

3.5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen

  • New experience, HD display. The interface is simple and easy to understand, making it easier during use.
  • On screen 3D model previews using the Tronxy slicer to generate g-code.

Upgrad to Ultra Silent Motherboard

TRONXY Silent motherboard has a built-in active noise reduction function, which modulates the voltage carrier to minimize the current wave, cancel out the noise, and make the noise reduction effect more obvious.

Support Auto Leveling Sensor

16 points data collection, ensure hot bed leveling, at the same time, the height deviation of the hot bed is automatically compensated during printing, improve printing accuracy.

Double Z Axis Screw

Single Precise Nozzle Extrusion

High Quality 360W Power Supply

Tronxy DIY Corexy large format X5SA-500-2E 3D Printer parameter

 Machine size 940mm*780mm*915mm
 Printing size 500mm*500mm*600mm
 Package dimensions  890mm*600mm*210mm
 Pakage Weight/Machine weight
 Printing Color  Dual Color
 Printing speed  20-100mm/s , 60mm/s Is preferred
 Printing thickness  0.1mm - 0.4mm (optional)
 Positioning accuracy X/Y: S0.00625mm
Z: S0.00125mm
 Nozzle  0.4mm default (Support 0.1-1.2mm)
 Connection USB interface, TF card
Thickness 0.1mm-0.3mm (Optional)
Nozzle temperature: Maximum 260°c
Heatbed temperature:  90°C - 100°c
 Filament support  PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, PETG, WOOD, PC, PVC
 Machine material Aluminum profile, Sheet metal
 Screen  3.5 inch full color touch screen
 Power supply Input 110V/220V AC, 50/60hz,
Output 24V 21A
Environmental temperature 8-40°c 
Environmental humidity 20-80%
Operation system WINXP/WIN7/MacOS
Slicing software Tronxy Slicer Software
Operation software Cura
Files format G-code, STL, OBJ
Certification CE FCC

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