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<transcy>Stampante 3D LCD TRONXY Ultrabot da 6,08 pollici 130×80×180 mm</transcy>


TRONXY LCD Ultrabot 6,08 pollici SLA Stampante 3D Schermo 2K in bianco e nero di alta qualità 3D Drucker Impressora UV con resina

Il complicato processo di assemblaggio è stato completato prima di lasciare la fabbrica, ma la stampante deve essere semplicemente assemblata per combinare le parti assemblate.

La stampante 3D SLA con schermo da 6,08 pollici supporta grandi dimensioni di stampa 7,5"(L) x 4,7"(L) x 7,8"(A) (130 × 80 × 180 mm).

La stampante 3D LCD è dotata di touch screen a colori da 6,08" e interfaccia intuitiva.

Delicato design della macchina da stampa 3D con lamiera intera + alluminio. Ottima stampante 3D DLP per principianti.

Slicing veloce: il software di slicing professionale produce 100 milioni di file di slicing in un minuto, 30 volte più veloce della soluzione open source.


Realize Bigger Ideas

130* 80* 180mm printing area to maximize creativity,LCD surface molding technology supports simultaneous printing of multipleprinting models.

A New Generation Of Matrix Parallel Light Source

The illumination is more uniform and the detail printing is more excellent, Upgrade to higher light source power to achieve ultra-high-speed printing.

Black And White Monochromatic Imaging Technology

The printing speed is increased by 2.5 times, up to 50mm/h, Single-layer fixed-line telephone time can be shortened to 1-2 seconds, and the service life is increased by 4 times.

6.08 Inch Mono 2K Black And White Screen

2560*1620 (2K) high resolution, high light transmittance,  highly restored details.
The screen life is up to 2000 hours, which is 4 times longer than that of a color LCD screen.

Products Details

Linear slide design High-quality

Linear slides, high-precision balanced sliding, Improve the stability of the Z axis.

Air filtration system

The filter fan has built-in activated carbon to reduce the emission of odors, Effectively reduce the peculiar smell generated during printing.

Trough cleaning is easier and more convenient 

Special FEP release film, double-layer tightening does not loosen, longer service life, double screw fixed, easy to take and disassemble easy to clean the trough.

Simple UI interface 3.5-inch touch screen

 simple UI design, The functional display interface is more obvious

Integrated all-metal body

Sturdy and durable,double door design, opening and closing angle of 210°, the printing operation is unhindered.

Machine Size

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