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<transcy>Tronxy IDEX 3D Printer Gemini S Two Head Multicolor Large FDM 3D Printing Machine 300*300*390mm</transcy>

$484.25 $538.05

La migliore Stampante 3D IDEX Doppi estrusori indipendenti

Macchina da stampa 3D FDM grande multicolore

  • Stampa a due colori 
  • Stampa su doppio materiale
  • Stampa con duplicazione 
  • Stampa speculare 
  • Supporti solubili
  • Compatibile con filamenti flessibili
  • Driver TMC2225 TMC 
  • Schermo tattile a colori 
  • Sensori magnetici  
  • 300 mm*300 mm*390 mm    

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4 kinds of optional 3d print modes

Two-Color Printing

Duplication Printing

2 same-models printings, save half time.

Mirror Printing

Dual-Material Printing

Print soluble supports material PVA

Temperature, Extruder Speed, Printing Speed, and Infill Density are separately set for each nozzle. Even with different diameter nozzles, the Tronxy IDEX 3D Printer can seamlessly print.

Lattice Glass Heatbed Platform

The heat is evenly distributed, and the glass surface is evenly distributed with small holes.
According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction,the filament can be tightly adhered to the platform, effectively preventing edge warping.

After the model is completely cooled, it can be easily removed.

Open Source

Provide more extensibility and editability

Touch Screen Control

Eight Languages Supported

OSG Double Axis Metal  Guide Rail

The X-axis adopts OSG double -axis metal guide rail, which runs stably and smoothly,and improves the printing accuracy.

Gemini S IDEX 

All Features


3.5 Inch Touch Sreen 

New experience, HD display. Eight languages supported.

On screen 4 kinds of Optional 3D Print Model can adjust on touch screen control.


Resume Print After
Power Off

Resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage.

After the power is turned on, the operation interface can continue to print to avoid the waste of time and filament caused by unexpectedly stopping printing.


Filament Run Out Detection

Timely remind users to replace filaments to prevent accidents


Ultra-Quiet Driver Chip Motherboard

The motherboard adopts ultra-quiet driver chip motherboard, High-speed calculation while minimizing noise, Give you a comfortable printing environment.


Manual Adjustment of Belt Tension

Just twist the nut, XY axis belt supports manual adjust, easy to use, no need to disassemble and take out the belt.


Structrure Details

High presicion and Stability Structure