Tronxy Silent Mainboard mit Drahtkabel für die XY-3 PRO Serie

$65.00 $128.00

Produktname Tronxy Silent Mainboard mit Drahtkabel für die XY-3 PRO-Serie
Artikelnummer PJ-NJZB-Mainboard mit Drahtkabel
Gewicht 0,2 kg = 0,4409 lb = 7,0548 oz
Kategorie Zubehör > Hauptplatine
Tag XY-3 PRO  
Marke Tronxy
Kabellänge 1000 mm



Product NameTronxy Silent Mainboard with Wire Cable
Version NO.#446 V10-220413 with Wire Cable
Weight0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
CategoryAccessories > Mainboard
TagCXY03.02.0094W, CXY03.02.0093WU, CXY03.02.01032E
Wire Length650mm/800mm/1000mm

Notice: Please confirm the version number of the motherboard and if it has a USB interface or not then place the order. If you are not sure, please contact Tronxy official online shop customer service.

Mainboard Version #446 V10-220413U

#446 V10-2204132E

Mainboard Version #446 V10-220413

If your mainboard version is #446 V10-220413, please refer to this wiring diagram.