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Posted by Monica Shen on August 2nd, 2021

Video tutorial for
Manual Leveling & Auto-Leveling 

Recently a lot of customers feedback about auto-leveling and manuel leveling for our new 3d printer machine types like X5SA-600, XY-3 PRO V2, Gemini S.

Actually at early time we already took the video for leveling totorial, and on our FAQ page have the leveling video and page. 

And also our engineer also suport you one detailed operation video for Auto-Leveling tutorial video link:


Remark: Some customers feedback the video are not clear, just please adjust resolution, our video are all very high resolution to show in the video link.

How to proceed auto leveling and manual leveling

Explain by nancy & Selina

If you want all FAQ video on our Tronxy youtube Channel

Click here

Don’t be nervous when facing the problem of
just follow the steps step by step

X5SA-600( Auto-Leveling)

X5SA-600 DIY Corexy structure really have huge large size printing heat bed, so when auto-levling more need to be patient. Our auto-leveling video are all universal suitable for our 3d printer auto leverling. So please  check the video tutorial before unboxing and installation.

XY-3 PRO V2(Auto-Leveling)

Tronxy first one Direct drive 3d printer also with auto-leveling, two-step fast easy assemble way make this type are very popular with our customers. It is very easy to auto-leveling just according to our Auto-Leveling tutorial step by step.

Gemini  S IDEX (Manual leveling)

Gemini S are Tronxy first one IDEX 3d printer. Which is only manual leveling to suit for the machine itself independent dual extuder structure, this make leverling more easy and efficient. And for leveling auxiliary upgrade the Z-Axis real-time offset can fine-tuning any time.

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