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What is the XY-3 SE FDM 3D Printer?

Posted by menglisa on
What is the XY-3 SE FDM 3D Printer? | Tronxy 3D Printers Official Store

XY-3 SE FDM 3D Printer is one of the most powerful creative tools available in the market. This 3D printer combines some of the most essential features that can be expected from a modern-day 3D printer, including dual-color 3D printing and laser engraving. We have gathered a list of top-of-the-line features being offered by this printer. 

Almost every modern 3D printer comes with a touch screen display. However, XY-3 SE brings you a significantly enhance and much more immersive 3D printing experience with its highly interactive Human Machine Interference (HMI) touch screen technology. This technology, incorporated with its 3.5-inch display, also offers an exclusive browser function that permits its users to pre-approve prints in crystal-clear graphics. Additionally, with this printer, users aren’t required to check in after every few minutes to see the progress of their model as its assistive feature provides them an accurate estimate time for the completion of the process.

Accuracy lies on the top of the priority list for users when it comes to a 3D printer. This printer employs Z-axis double screw motor design, which helps keep the machine running smoothly and without losing steps.  XY-3 SE employs precise printer stability and cohesive synchronization between its axes to make your 3D printing experience seamless. As a result, the prints generated yield higher accuracy than what you would expect to get from traditional coupling motors.  With its dual z-axis and synchronous timing belt, your 3D printing process will become steady, fluid, and speedy.

One of the best features of Tronxy is that it is very simple and straightforward in usage and assembly. It has 2 main modular parts that can quickly be put together with the help of only 10 screws in under 5 minutes. Once you have unboxed the device and assembled its part, you can begin printing effectively by simply plugging it in and switching it on. Created from corrosion-resistant aluminum and rigid steel metal, this device is exceptionally sturdy.

This printer is equipped with a well-balanced and powerful extruder, which reduces the printing time while ensuring accuracy with refined details. Additionally, the TITAN Extruder is famous for producing high-quality prints while being compatible with a wide variety of consumables. As a result, this printer accepts various filaments, ranging from ABS, WOOD, PLA, TPU, and PETG.  

XY-3 SE comes with intricately designed one-step DuPont Cables that quickly plug into the printer and saves you a ton of time. Additionally, these tangle-proof wires are intended for easy storage and are also very simple to organize, allowing users a stress-free printing experience.  

This printer is very user-friendly as it comes with easy-grip lightweight leveling nuts that require minimal effort to achieve perfect bed alignment. After a certain period, the XY axis belt can become loose and reduce accuracy due to uneven layering. Usually, such an issue would require you to use a tool to unscrew the bearings and pull the strap back into its place. However, the leveling nut allows you to efficiently tighten the belt and continue the printing process with ultra-high accuracy while minimizing the labor.  

Forget about flimsy plastic or acrylic bases! This printer comes with an intricately designed combination of a hotbed and lattice glass to enhance performance. The lattice glass brings flatness to the surface, which aids in ease of removal of the model. For optimal accuracy, we recommend that you use this device at a room temperature between 23°C -40 °C.

This 3D printer has an ARM high-performance professing chip installed in its ultra-quiet motherboard. Paired with a TMC ultra-quiet driver, it allows users to have a smooth, accurate and stable printing experience without any additional noise coming from the machine!

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