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Tronxy launches first constant temperature high-speed large-size ceramic 3D printer

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Tronxy launches first constant temperature high-speed large-size ceramic 3D printer

Helping the development of the ceramic industry | Tronxy Head of State launches constant temperature, high-speed, large-size ceramic 3D printer
Tronxy, a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry, recently launched the Moore X4060, a constant-temperature, high-speed, large-size ceramic 3D printer.
As the ceramic 3D printing industry rises year by year, its industry scale is also expanding year by year, with huge market potential. At the same time, industry requirements are also constantly improving, with high quality, large size, etc. constantly putting forward higher requirements for 3D printer industry enterprises.
As a Chinese 3D printer R&D manufacturer, Tronxy Technology has always adhered to the concept of continuously creating value for users. With the efforts of its R&D personnel, it has been at the forefront of industry development and regards product research and development as the top priority of enterprise development. Increase investment in R&D, continue to innovate, continue to launch new products, continue to create value for users, and help the development of the global ceramic industry.
The company's recently launched Moore X4060
constant-temperature, high-speed, large-size ceramic printer once again leads the industry.
Constant temperature: Moore
High speed: Moore X4060 adopts the innovative CoreXY motion system for the
first time in the ceramic 3D printing industry. It is equipped with stable dual Z-axis ball screws and dual-axis motion guides. The movement speed of the motion system can reach up to 300mm/s, and the printing speed is 10~150mm/ s, can be said to be the fastest ceramic 3D printer in the industry, enabling users to achieve high-speed and efficient printing, greatly improving production efficiency.
Large size: The molding size of Moore The overall structure of the machine adopts Tronxy's unique patented profiles. The entire structure is stable, solid and runs smoothly. Excellent condition can be maintained even during high-speed operation.
The person in charge of Tronxy Technology Product R&D said: The ceramic 3D printing process requires good stability of the machine and also has high environmental requirements. On the basis of meeting this requirement, Tronxy also considers high speed and efficiency to create more valuefor users. The Moore X4060 will become a sharp tool, a real productivity tool; it can also provide powerful help to scientific research institutes and the
education industry.Part of the model printed by Moore X4060
Tronxy is uniquely designed to adapt to a variety of oversized feeding devices and has user-friendly operation methods.
Feeding device: Moore X4060 adopts an overall shelf-type feeding frame, which has a solid and stable structure and smoother feeding. It is suitable for both screw feeding and pneumatic feeding methods. The standard batching barrel capacity can reach 5L, and the optional one can reach 10L or 20L. In addition, the loading can be quickly replaced, and the loading action can be completed in just a few simple
steps. It eliminates the hassle of loading materials, and the large barrel capacity makes the printing process worry-free.Operation method:
Tronxy adopts a large 7-inch full-color capacitive touch screen for
the first time. The screen is clearer, easier to operate, and more responsive. The interface adopts a USB structure link, and you can print by inserting a U disk, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, a convenient emergency switch button is installed to quickly cut off the power supply in case of emergency to ensure safety.
Tronxy continues to create value for users through patenting, integration, and simplicity. The person in charge of Tronxy's marketing said: "Achieving user-friendly, excellent-performance industrial-grade printers has been our long-standing pursuit. We believe that Moore X4060 will once again lead the market and will also be a good complement to promote the development of ceramic technology."
Ceramic production enterprise base: Chaozhou is one of the three famous ceramic production bases in China. It is the capital of ceramics. There are many ceramic production enterprises with many product types. The traditional production method can no longer meet the development of enterprises, and the requirements are also constantly increasing. At present, several leading companies have begun to use Tronxy's Moore X4060 for mass production of some ceramic ware. Their person in charge said that Moore The product quality is excellent and it is said that demand will continue to increase in the future. At the same time, Tronxy Technology hasalso established a special after-sales service center locally to better serve enterprises.

Device parameters
Printing principle liquid deposition
modeling Print size : 400*400*600 (mm)
Instrument size : length 642.5*width 642.5*height 1343 (mm)
Printing accuracy: 0.2-3.0mm
Number of nozzles: 1
Nozzle structure: integrated molded copper material
Positioning accuracy X/Y: S0.00625mm Z: S0.00125mm
Nozzle diameter: 1.0-3.0mm
XY motion system: Core XY, dual-axis metal guide rail
Z-axis structure and control: Large-diameter ball screw and polished rod shaft,extended bearing sleeve. Dual Z-axis photoelectric limit switch control
Consumables : pottery clay/porcelain clay/purple clay/silicone rubber/cement and other materials with certain fluidity, viscosity, and plasticity
Printing speed: 10-150mm/s
Moving speed: 300mm/s
Frame material: column patented aluminum profile, panel SPCC sheet metal
Consumable material rack design method: Integrated rack structure
Application areas: Ceramic industry, scientific research institutes, education, lighting
Screen: 7-inch full-color touch screen
Platform material: aluminum plate + glass plate
Machine closure method: fully enclosed
Machine internal temperature control: constant temperature (30-85 degrees)
Machine interior lighting: LED lighting
Input: 115-230V 50/60HZ
Output: 24V/4ADC
Ambient temperature :8°C~40°C
Ambient humidity :20%-80%
Slicing software: CURA software File format STL\OBJ\DAE\AMF\G-CODE
Operating system :Windows
Link: USB interface
Resume calls after power outage: supported
Protective measures: Air valve control device
Safety measures: Emergency button on the front of the machine
Printing method: Insert the USB flash drive to print
Extrusion Control :Precisely controlled air pressure plus high-precision machined screw extrusion


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