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TRONXY Gemini S& Gemini XS IDEX 3D Printer How to Level and E-Offset

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TRONXY Gemini S& Gemini XS IDEX 3D Printer How to Level and E-Offset | Tronxy 3D Printers Official Store

Use the E1 print head to level the hot bed platform

Click "System"→"Mode"→"Autopark" mode→"Tool"→Select"Level"→"Manual"

According to the sequence given, level the five positioning points one by one, please repeat the leveling operation twice, the leveling is more accurate.

Operation instructions

1. Adjust the distance between the hot bed and the nozzle through the big nut under the hot bed, use A4 paper to judge whether the distance is appropriate.

2. When adjusting the center position of the hot bed, need to adjust the position of the four corners of the platform.
(That is, adjust the nuts of the four corners of the hot bed through the same operation to adjust the center position. )

3. How to confirm that the distance is appropriate?
Can feel the slight resistance given by the nozzle when dragging the A4 paper.



Leveling the E2 print head

Click "Manual"→"Home"→"E1" to switch to "E2", Loosen the two screws.(Don't take it off).

After loosening the two screws, the E2 print head can move up and down by twisting the upper screw.
Note the direction of adjustment, adjust the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed close to the thickness of A4 paper.

After completing the adjustment, retighten the two screws on the E2 head.




Before using Gemini S, please be sure to set the leveling and E-Offset before starting to use it. After the adjustment is completed,  remember to save the data. Please read the following tips carefully.

1. Please set to "Autopark" mode for leveling.
2. If the adhesion of the platform is not enough, you can increase the application of solid glue.
3. Fold the A4 paper in half once to test the distance between the nozzle and the platform.
4. E-Offset ensures that the two squares drawn on the X-axis and Y-axis are aligned.
5. When setting the slice by yourself, please make sure that the model is placed on the LEFT side to avoid collision between E1 and E2 during the printing process.
Test a model that prints two colors:


Keep the machine without moving, you can basically print all the time without debugging the machine again.

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